Residence of Tomojiro Oishi

Tomojiro Oishi is a landlord farmer who understood Onisaburo's work and paid him a train fare to visit Katsutate Nagasawa, an authority on Shinto and spiritual science, in Shizuoka.

Hiedano Shrine

Kisaburo attended a festival of this shrine and made a pass at a pretty girl.

Mitama Shrine

To rob Onisaburo of his worldly desires, one of his guardian deities, Oshimo, made an intentionally false promise that he would give Onisaburo a hefty sum of money. As a result, Onisaburo and Nakaichi Saito stopped by this shrine as instructed before expecting to receive the money on Ashinoyama Pass.

Ashinoyama Pass

Onisaburo and Nakaichi Saito fell for Oshimo's trick and had to grab cow dung on this pass. (They thought they grabbed a lost wallet as Oshimo described, but it proved to be cow dung.)

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