First published: December 27, 2009
Last updated: August 4, 2022

According to Mother Earth, Imperial Prince Taruhito of the Arisugawa House gave Yone (Onisaburo's mother) a fancy tanzaku strip of paper with a 31-syllable waka poem he had composed for her.

Prince Taruhito

This tanzaku had been missing for quite a while. However, in 2009, it was discovered at the residence of Ms. Naomi Deguchi, the legitimate Fourth Spiritual Leader of Omoto.

The discovery of Arisugawa's tanzaku (See below) is extremely important because it proves that Onisaburo's biological father was Arisugawa. Contrary to critics' arguments, Onisaburo himself had the Imperial blood running through his veins.

Arisugawa's tanzaku (L{meM̒Z)

The poem on the tanzaku reads:

Wa ga ko i wa
Mi ya ma ga ku re no
Ku sa na re ya
Shi ke ki ma sa re to
Shi ru hi to no na ki
The above can be interpreted to mean:

The baby to be born from my romance is of noble status and deserves a life in the Imperial Palace. But it is thrown as a grain of seed into the remote grassy countryside that conceals all the secrets. No matter how well it will grow up and become known to the world, no one will recognize its true identity. How lamentable!
The above 31-syllable waka is slightly different from the one in Mother Earth (See below) because (1) at the time of the publication, the tanzaku was still missing and (2) the author, Mr. Yasuaki Deguchi, based his information on Onisaburo's youngest daughter, who remembered the poem she had seen in the past:

Wa ga ko i wa
Mi ya ma no o ku no
Ku sa na re ya
Shi ge sa ma sa re do
Shi ru hi to zo na ki

My romance is grass in a deep mountain recess
Though growing lush with passion, it is left unnoticed.

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